Institut für Kultu­relle Teilhabeforschung

The IKTf (Institute for Research on Cultural Parti­ci­pation) is concerned with the question of how cultural insti­tu­tions, cultural adminis­tra­tions and cultural policy can develop data-based strategies for cultural parti­ci­pation. To research this issue, the Institute conducts studies on visitors and non-visitors at cultural offerings, such as population surveys. It is also respon­sible for the scien­tific quality assurance of the Berlin-based visitor research system KulMon (Kultur­Mo­ni­toring). Further, the Institute is studying condi­tions that favor parti­ci­pation in cultural offerings. In one example of its research methods, it closely follows model projects of cultural insti­tu­tions for cultural parti­ci­pation and analyzes their organization/personnel, program and audience. In addition, the IKTf also surveys cultural adminis­tra­tions on their strategies for promoting cultural participation.

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