Who we are

Since 2020, Stiftung für Kultu­relle Weiter­bildung und Kultur­be­ratung (Foundation for Cultural Education and Cultural Consulting, SKWK) has been the umbrella organization for four initia­tives that advocate for more equal oppor­tu­nities in Berlin’s cultural landscape and actively shape social and cultural policy discourse on this topic.

The goal of our activities is to develop the cultural sector to reflect the existing diversity of our democratic society, in terms of its program, personnel, audience and accessibility.

The Berlin state-based foundation is supported by the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Social Cohesion.

Diversity Arts Culture 

Diversity Arts Culture is a design and consul­tation office for diversity develo­pment and aims to create equal access oppor­tu­nities to art and culture and to reduce discri­mi­nation in the cultural sector. It promotes diversity by advising cultural insti­tu­tions and adminis­tration, qualifies cultural workers, empowers cultural workers affected by discri­mi­nation and commis­sions data collection on equality and equal access.

Institut für Kultu­relle Teilha­be­for­schung (IKTf)

The IKTf (Institute for Research on Cultural Parti­ci­pation) provides research data and reports on models by which cultural insti­tu­tions, cultural policy and adminis­tration can develop strategies for cultural participation.


kultur_formen consists of the Berliner Projekt­fonds Kultu­relle Bildung (Berlin Project Fund Arts Education), the Berliner Projektfons Urbane Praxis (Berlin Project Fund for Urban Practice), event and quali­fi­cation programs, and the digital community platform Kubinaut. The focus is on promoting and networking projects in which children, youth and young adults actively participate.

service­zentrum musikschulen

The szm — service­zentrum musik­schulen (service center for music schools) is currently being set up under the umbrella of the Foundation for Cultural Education and Cultural Advice. Its goal is to support the public music schools by helping to coordinate the large variety of their music classes and other activities in terms of intensity, acces­si­bility, and quality in all of Berlin. Synergies between the music schools are to be raised while central service proce­dures are to be simplified.