Berliner Projekt­fonds Urbane Praxis

The Berliner Projekt­fonds Urbane Praxis supports artistic and cultural projects in publicly acces­sible spaces that deal with urban space and society in Berlin. The current appli­cation period runs from January 29, 2024 to February 25, 2024. Projects can start on April 15, 2024 at the earliest and must be completed by December 31, 2024.

We see public space as a meeting place, as well as a cultural and artistic venue. The aim of the Berliner Projekt­fonds Urbane Praxis is to promote a more solidary society with the help of art and culture and to conso­lidate new and existing partner­ships. Access is to be created and barriers broken down. The fund offers the oppor­tunity to creatively shape the city beyond the profit motive.

Who can be supported?

The fund is aimed at all those working in the arts and culture in Berlin — from freelance indivi­duals, independent groups and collec­tives, artistic insti­tu­tions and cultural insti­tu­tions to associa­tions and limited liability companies. The projects should not be made for specific actors and commu­nities, but by and with them.

Which projects are supported?

Funding is available for artistic projects and inter­di­sci­plinary approaches that deal with urban space, which can take place on the street, in parks, in public places, but also in parking lots, backyards, etc. The projects do not neces­s­arily have to be made for specific actors or commu­nities, but by and with them. However, the projects do not neces­s­arily have to take place outdoors.

The projects should think of the city differ­ently and creatively repurpose it. In this way, spaces are to be created that reveal new perspec­tives on urban develo­pment. For this purpose, local actors such as neigh­bor­hoods, initia­tives and associa­tions, district centers, community associa­tions, small stores, handi­craft businesses, etc. should be considered and, if possible, included.

It is important that the projects reflect social exclu­sions and actively work on access possi­bi­lities for people who are affected by discrimination(s). Under­re­pre­sented arts and cultural practi­tioners and practices will be given special consideration.

What is the funding amount?

The regular funding amount is €10,000 — €60,000 per project. For the reduction of barriers and for larger projects, up to 100,000 € can be applied for. However, this must be justified separately. Eligible for funding are not only the imple­men­tation of a project, but also processes and conception phases, such as workshops with the goal of colla­bo­rative project development.

What is the appli­cation process?

You can register on our website and then fill out the appli­cation for funding online. The appli­cation must be filled out in German. Forms and a completed sample appli­cation can be found on our website under “Info & Downloads”. Under “FAQ” we answer the most important questions about the appli­cation process. The jury of the Berlin Project Fund Urban Practice will then decide on the funding appli­cation according to the funding guidelines.

Click here for the website and the application.

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