Berliner Projekt­fonds Kultu­relle Bildung

Through the Berliner Projekt­fonds Kultu­relle Bildung (Berlin Project Fund Arts Education), we provide a total of at least 2.930.000 euros annually for arts and cultural projects with children, youth and young adults up to 27 years of age. Indivi­duals, groups, associa­tions or insti­tu­tions can apply for funding for cultural education projects in which young people deal with topics that affect them through the arts. As artis­ti­cally active parti­ci­pants, the young people help determine their projects’ scope and course.

Funding is available for coope­ration projects involving at least one partner from the field of the arts and culture and at least one partner from the field of education or youth services, for example, an artist coope­ration with a school or youth club.

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